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Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone Books [FREE]

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“Turning the envelope over, his hand trembling, Harry saw a purple wax seal bearing a coat of arms; a lion, an eagle, a badger and a snake surrounding a large letter ‘H’.”

Harry Potter has never even heard of Hogwarts when the letters start dropping on the doormat at number four, Privet Drive. Addressed in green ink on yellowish parchment with a purple seal, they are swiftly confiscated by his grisly aunt and uncle. Then, on Harry’s eleventh birthday, a great beetle-eyed giant of a man called Rubeus Hagrid bursts in with some astonishing news: Harry Potter is a wizard, and he has a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. An incredible adventure is about to begin!

Free Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer

This is an excellent resource for those who happen to be fans of both ancient Greek and Harry Potter. It’s a nice opportunity to practice your Greek on something other than original text. It’s also great as a teaching resource if you happen to have Greek students. The Greek is representative of the ancient language and there are plenty of paragraphs that would be great practice for those young students of Greek.

These are great books one of my absolute favorite series! They are so captivating, these books are for any age! I would recommend reading the books before seeing the movies of course you get more out of it! J.K. Rowling is so clever the books is very original and well thought out. Over the series you really get to know the characters and she does a great job keeping you interested in the books!

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Details For Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

  • File Size: 1731 KB ( Download PDF : Free Download PDF - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer )

  • Publisher: Pottermore from J.K. Rowling (December 8, 2015)

  • Author : J.K. Rowling

  • Language: English

  • Print Length: 322 pages

  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0439708184

  • ASIN: B0192CTMYG

  • Publication Date: December 8, 2015


author-books-Harry Potter and the SorcererJ K (Joanne Kathleen) Rowling was born in the summer of 1965 at Yate General Hospital in England and grew up in Chepstow, Gwent where she went to Wyedean Comprehensive. Jo left Chepstow for Exeter University, where she earned a French and Classics degree, and where her course included one year in Paris. As a postgraduate she moved to London to work at Amnesty International, doing research into human rights abuses in Francophone Africa. She started writing the Harry Potter series during a Manchester to London King’s Cross train journey, and during the next five years, outlined the plots for each book and began writing the first novel. Jo then moved to northern Portugal, where she taught English as a foreign language. She married in October 1992 and gave birth to her daughter Jessica in 1993. When her marriage ended, she returned to the UK to live in Edinburgh, where “Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone” was eventually completed and in 1996 she received an offer of publication. The following summer the world was introduced to Harry Potter.”Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” was published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books in June 1997 and was published as “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” in America by Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic in September 1998.

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