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Philosophy is to question everything. More than a lifestyle, larger than any single idea, broader than a conviction, philosophy is the love of exploration, of knowledge, of uncertainty, and of that cornerstone of free thinking: doubt. Kevin Perry’s “Philosophy” takes the reader on a grand tour of life’s biggest questions, examining all that the world’s greatest philosophers have said about life and death, love and loss, language, art and God, to name a few.

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From reading just the title to reading the whole book, this is not about what you may think. Philosophy by Kevin Perry is an amazing reading of the great philosophers of our time and their beliefs that relate to the common interests that affect us all. Each chapter is about different topic and begins with a definition of the topic discussed in said chapter including a timeline of great people whose beliefs have been studied and followed for hundreds of years throughout history. The author essentially guides one through each chapter with intense questions about said topics. This is an enlightening, and easy read that is enjoyable to anyone and everyone.

This is not your typical long boring book on philosophy. This is a great coffee table book. As you could pick it up and skim a page or two and still come away with some knowledge or a conversation starter. This book is divided into 10 chapters. Each one is a different subject of philosophy. Life, Death, Art, Knowledge, Time, language, Love, God, Self and Free will. Each Chapter is then subdivided into 8 philosophers ideas on that particular subject. Each philosopher has two to three pages in the chapter with a quote and an explanation, that is easy to understand. At the end of the book there is a brief bio on each philosopher, giving you background information and some more insight. All in all an easy read and a great book to have around.

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