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Exceptional ebook. in comparison to what we train in American number one and secondary colleges, things were no longer as simplistic or altruistic as we portray to america’s children. in case you are pissed off by using our modern national election, this is a ought to examine proper now. There are a few stunning and yet comforting parallels nowadays. you’ll see our founding fathers via a new lens after studying this.

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The inspiration for the hit Broadway musical Hamilton

within the first full-duration biography of Alexander Hamilton in a long time, national e book Award winner Ron Chernow tells the riveting story of a person who overcame all odds to shape, encourage, and scandalize the newborn america. in keeping with historian Joseph Ellis, Alexander Hamilton is “a sturdy complete-duration portrait, in my opinion the fine ever written, of the most excellent, charismatic and dangerous founding father of all of them.”

Alexander Hamilton Information

  • ISBN-13: 978-1594200090 ( Download PDF :  )

  • Publisher: The Penguin Press (April 26, 2004)

  • Language: English

  • Author : Ron Chernow

  • Hardcover: 818 pages

  • ISBN-10: 1594200092


author-books-alexander-hamiltonRon Chernow won the National Book Award in 1990 for his first book, The House of Morgan, and his second book, The Warburgs, won the Eccles Prize as the Best Business Book of 1993. His biography of John D. Rockefeller, Sr., Titan, was a national bestseller and a National Book Critics Circle Award finalist.

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